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Who Rang Me is your entire guide to telephone numbers within the UK, which include telephone region codes and special prefixes for mobile phones. We want to make it easy for you to know who’s looking to get in touch with you, and also let you know when no longer to choose. If you have got received the sort of call or text, that you think is spam, you could report it on our website.

Whorangme is to recognize the caller and cellular provider. We are not charging cash for this. whorangme can be used to find known as variety records for the entered input.

We aren't storing user’s wide variety in our database to find the provider information.

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Whorangme provides ID recognizing service for FREE. You can use this for finding any UK number. This program shows you the caller ID details. Results may also display Telecom Operator and Signalling used by Mobile Phone.

We are committed to building that believes by making communication secure and efficient. No count if it’s inside the beginning of a call, inside the centre of a transaction or at the end of a signature. You have to also spread the word to your friends and own family to protect them. Add new numbers to assist others keep away from the phone harassment.

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An Advent to UK telephone Numbers

Geographic Numbers

01 and 02 numbers: These numbers are related to particular places in the UK and are used for homes and groups. Calls from landlines are typically charged as much as 9p according to minute; calls from mobiles among 3p and 40p in line with minute depending in your name bundle

05 – Corporate and VOIP Numbers: In practice, few companies have introduced 055 numbers and that they stay rare. Most groups use 03 or 08 numbers rather, or simply accumulate a single huge block of regular geographic numbers in a place with plenty of spare capability.

Current corporate numbering in use consists of:
05511 numbers
05516 numbers
05555 numbers
05588 numbers

Officially particular for 'location independent electronic communication services', 056 numbers are primarily used for VOIP smartphone services. Such services have also been capable of using the same old '01' and '02' area codes due to the fact overdue 2004.

Current numbering in use consists of:
05600 numbers
05601 numbers
05602 numbers
05603 numbers

07 Mobile, pager and personal numbers: UK smartphone numbers beginning '07' are used for cellular gadgets and for private numbers. Also once recognized collectively as the 'find me anywhere' variety of numbers, they may be often more steeply-priced to call than constant, landline numbers beginning 01, 02 or 03.

071 to 079 - mobile devices: Numbers beginning 071, 072, 073, 074, 1/2, 07624, 077, 078 or 079 are for mobile in UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man. All other numbers beginning with 076 are reserved for pagers.

Premium charge variety manual: Short textual content message numbers Mobile text short code numbers are five or six-digits lengthy and usually begin with five, 6, 7 or eight. These numbers are frequently used to pay for brand new features in apps, to donate to charity, to enter competitions and to download video games and ringtones.

118 – Directory enquiries Numbers starting with 118 are used for directory enquiries offerings.

Costs: Most calls include a rate to attach (can be between 50p and £4) and then a charge for every minute you operate the line (may be up to £five in line with minute).

08 UK smartphone numbers beginning with '08' are used by many unique organizations. They are generally used for customer enquiry centres, helplines and chargeable records offerings.
080 – Freephone
082 - Internet for schools
084 - Chargeable service numbers
087 - Chargeable service numbers

So, How Can You Tell If A Call Is Spam? Here Are Few Common Types of Mobile Scams:

  • If they claim to be from a laptop software program organisation trying get right of entry to on your laptop. "Microsoft, Telstra, and so forth aren't remotely checking your computers except you've got been in contact."
  • If the overall exceptional of the call is negative
  • Calls made on behalf of presidency corporations inquiring for payments to be paid in the shape of pre-paid gift playing cards — consisting of iTunes
  • If the caller is applying inappropriate stress — including threats and doubtlessly irrelevant language, as a part of their scam
  • Any calls asking for economic information (which includes credit card or banking details)
  • Subscriber Fraud: It happens while someone profits get right of entry to to your non-public records and opens a cell smartphone account to your name. The culprit can rack up a huge bill earlier than the victim even realises what goes on. Once located, it may take longer time to show the truth that the victim didn’t open the account themselves. Any debts incurred can take a long term to clear.
  • Text Scams: These are available many specific forms. The scammer may also ship you a textual content that looks like it's far from a friend, inviting you to catch up or give them a call. Once you reply to the textual content message or call them you're charged with excessive fee for every call and the charges increase by using the second.
To keep away from falling for this scam, be careful of the text messages you respond to. Do not respond to the numbers which might be suggested to you
  • If you get a name from a number of you don’t understand and it only rings once, don’t call back! If you have got fallen for this scam hold an eye fixed for your invoice and get in touch with your carrier.
  • Phone Insurance Scams: These typically arise after a brand new mobile phone has currently been bought. Scammers will call claiming to be associated with the organization from where you got your phone. They will then offer to promote you insurance for it. Worst-case situation, you received really get any Mobile insurance.

What Must You Do?

  • Don't reply to numbers provided in an automated call or from numbers you do not recognise
  • Always be sceptical and in case you're uncertain the person at the end of the Mobile isn't who they say they're, grasp up and make contact with the organisation directly on an independently demonstrated quantity
  • Don't deliver someone who calls you suddenly any money, personal information or get right of entry to in your pc
  • Don't go back calls to worldwide numbers until you understand them
  • Delete any messages left to your voicemail
  • Speak to a person you believe approximately the rip-off name
  • Use Authorised Apps
  • Another dependency to trade is your response to unknown numbers.
  • Simply becoming more informed about your telephone, its running machine, its competencies and vulnerabilities, at the side of the items for your invoice, will make you less liable to becoming a victim.
  • Always use a passcode to fasten the screen on your mobile so that others can't gain easy access to private data. Newer gadgets just like the iPhone convey a fingerprint scanner and it’s encouraged to use this selection.

Contact The Organisation That Runs The Service

If you need to make an enquiry approximately your charge, you have to first contact the organisation this is going for walks the provider.

To find out who's the provider and the touch info of the organization, please use our website or contact your telephone provider and ask for the contact information of the carrier provider.

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Legit Hughes Clearance Outlet
2020-07-10 08:47:01
Keeps calling me at 10.25 every morning but I don't know who it is
2020-07-09 21:08:44
Asking for inappropriate photos randomly...
2020-07-09 15:00:54
Always hangs up when answered and always busy when I call them back. Think this is a scammer making automated calls.
2020-07-09 14:35:10
Claimed to be from HMRC saying i have Tax Rebate and I should press 1 to continue. Don't think so scammers
2020-07-09 14:32:26
Put the phone down when i answered
2020-07-09 14:30:43
Number not known to me - possible scammer
2020-07-09 13:32:22
Sounds like a tax scammer said was HMRC's
2020-07-09 12:38:07
Said they were from tax office and I had committed tax fraud.Automated call so could not tell them to jog on.
2020-07-09 11:40:28
Called, answered, hang up, I called back. Posh man claiming to be from "bt exchange". Told me that he had not called me and hung up. Very strange.
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